Our Mission

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective tool for life change.

"I believe that each phase of my life is like a new chapter in a great book that I can't put down.
I love to teach others about the possibilities that life has to offer when we begin to understand and use that wonderful creation called our mind.
Our vision of the world is only limited by what we imagine it to be limited by."

"One of my favorite things to share with people is the ability to recognize that we are not trapped by our circumstances in life.
Who we are isn't defined by our jobs, our family, current finances, or even education.
Whatever we are doing or what we have done, who we have been in the past can be changed, and we can start over...NOW!"

"Of course, it takes courage and focus.
Courage to step out of the box of the past; what is or has been a familiar pattern to us and risk failure and fear."

"Focus to be able to begin to see ourselves in new circumstances of our own creation...
and then take full responsibility for our creation.
Most of us have been so caught up in living that we have forgotten how to make a life.
We have forgotten how to dream.
To fantasize. To imagine.
We stop ourselves before we even get started and rob ourselves of the wonder and awe of life's adventure.
Imagine if we dared to dream and take action on our dreams!..."

It's not what you think you ARE. It's what you THINK you are. - Anonymous

Camano, Wa.
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Our Mission

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The Secret-Break Thru To Success
(A two day course)

Weight No More Weight Loss

Public Speaking

Ron's mastery in the fields of hypnosis, NLP, sales, non-verbal communication and body language make him one of the most knowledgeable, exciting and effective corporate and business speakers in the United States.

The following presentations can be tailored to your group's needs:

Power words/Embedded Commands
Rapport Building w/Clients
Mind Power
Beyond The "Secret"
Stress Reduction Seminar
Body Language/Non Verbal Communication
Science of Influence
8 Barriers to Communication
16 Basic Human Desires and 11 Maladaptive Schemas
Conversational Covert Hypnosis
Life Scripts
Weight No More Weight Loss
Breathe Easy Smoking Cessation

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